Media Resources and Campaign Materials

We’ve included additional resources to help you spread the word. The materials are free, easy to use, and for all to share.

Learn the Facts Our Learn the Facts icon  can be used to promote this website in a variety of different media. Web banners, T-shirts, buttons and in school and community newsletters are just a few suggestions. We encourage you to come up with your own, and let us know how you’re using it so we can share your great ideas with others.

Informational graphics and other visuals shared on this site are available for download and use in our Media Toolkit, which also includes web banners and 508 compliant fliers.

If you’d like us to send information about the positives of school bus ridership to your local school administrator, send an
email to us. We’ll make sure that the contact has the required information to make informed decisions about supporting school bus ridership in his or her community.

For parents
, school administrators, and media, drop-in articles are available to you as a resource in press media coverage, newspapers, newsletters, and blogs.

See what others are saying about bus ridership in their communities. Join the discussion on
Facebook and follow parent blogs on the topic. A few blogs that you might want to check out include: Coming Soon!

Spread the Word!

Parents, school administrators, environmentalists and media are encouraged to get the word out about the many positives of school bus ridership. Once you know the facts, we think you’ll agree that it’s hard to find a reason to send kids to school any other way.